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Caldeira descent

  • Descent to the Caldera, a exclusive trail within a Nature Reserve available only with certified guide.
  • We start by descending this fantastic trail with a privileged view to the interior of the Caldeira, where we will see various examples of endemic vegetation.
  • After the descent we will see the source that exists inside. We headed toward the intermittent lake.
  • A unique experience that you will not forget anytime soon!
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Around Caldeira

  • Caldeira is a crater of a dormant volcano with 410 thousand years that is in the central part of the island of Faial. Has a diameter of 2000 meters and a depth of 400 meters.
  • Get ready to see a fantastic landscape of the interior of the crater, as well as several parishes that exist around the island along this high altitude trail.
  • In a word: awesome!
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  • The levadas (water conduit) were considered the "greatest engineering work of the Azores" when it was built in 1964. Due to its grandiosity it took 7 years to be planned, 4 years to be built and its main function was to produce hydroelectric energy water in several places.
  • Come along this trail that develops along a water conduit with special emphasis on its flora, fauna and geology.
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Cabeço Verde - Capelinhos Volcano

  • Tour made on lapilli roads surrounded by vegetation and unique locations that leads us against wonderful and imposing volcanoes.
  • Breathe fresh air, listen to the local fauna and enjoy the grandeur that each of the volcanoes has to show you!
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Rocha da Fajã

  • Stroll through the place where Faial Island ended 10000 years ago, before the formation of the Capelo peninsula.
  • This trail descends to the fajã of Praia do Norte, along which you will be able to observe the green of the island and the blue of the sea. Between cliffs, forests, streams and beaches you can still feel the tranquility of this location that preserves its orchards, vineyards and wineries. Not to lose!
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10 Volcanos

  • Address different terrain, altitudes and scenery along this trail. Cross forests and pass by 10 of the main volcanoes responsible for the formation of the Capelo peninsula.
  • Biodiversity and geodiversity are a constant in this journey!
  • A memorable adventure along 20 Km route that starts in the Caldeira of Faial and ends in the Capelinhos Volcano.
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  • Children up to 4 years old ride free
  • We offer 10% discount to all holders of the Park Friend Card, valid, upon presentation of it.
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  • Transportation
  • Local Guide Certified by the Azores Natural Park and by the Faial Natural Park
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